Find Suppliers of Rugs and Mats


JR Export Industries has been a leading provider of different products to clients across the world. Their exported goods include agricultural and industrial machinery, chemicals, and other useful items.

In addition, they also export raw materials like iron ore, petroleum, rubber, and other commodities like mineral-based materials. For a few years past, they have succeeded to build a status as an export company providing a steady service to their clients.


Rubber mats manufacturers have recognized themselves as renowned exporters across the world. They are enthusiastic enough to satisfy their customers in the way of providing quality and durable products.


They have achieved the current status using their superior quality raw materials extracted from global sites. To meet the rising demand worldwide for functional and aesthetic rubber mats, JR Export Industries has continued to develop its production capacity.


The use of the highest grade of rubber for making rubber mats or other products is the chief aim of the company. Applying the materials of superb quality, the products can endure any weather conditions; however harsh and adverse it may be. This ascertains that the rubber mats are capable of protecting surfaces from scratch or moisture, wear and tear, etc. Their rugs and mats are also stain proof and have anti-stain additives to further boost their durability and lifespan.

A good rug trader or supplier should offer a complete online customer service help page where they should provide valuable information about their company such as their contact details, telephone numbers, and website and email addresses. They need a brochure with information about caring for your rugs and how to give your rugs an excellent look. This is all-important information that you need to know before you agree to select any rugs and mats Supplier out of many.


A few purposefully-placed rubber mats are perfect for the flooring option for several situations. Sit-up on a hard floor becomes easy with rubber mats. Sweeping of muddy footprints in your house turns into an easy job particularly on rainy days. In a nutshell, rubber mats provide the comfort, cleanliness, and convenience you need for your flooring.


Here are the main benefits of choosing quality rubber mats:

  • Rubber mats are durable and can withstand any foot traffic and rough use.
  • Most of the rubber floor mats are not heavy. Thus, you can easily carry them around.
  • Mats are great for any small space.
  • Rubber mats are antifungal and anti-fatigue: they can relieve stress.
  • Rubber flooring material has an excellent grip and is slip-resistant. Floor mats can prevent falls and injuries in the workplace or gym.
  • Quality rubber mats with a soft finish turn any gym or any business look perfectly professional.


You need to find a reliable rubber mats Manufacturer like JR Export Industries before you purchase them for your home and business.